Automate your intercompany recharges with
Mayday Recharger

Do in minutes what previously took hours.

How does it work?

Create your recharge group

Add your different entities as a recharge group

Recharger pulls most necessary info from your accounting system
Group Page.png

Set your recharge rules

Create a set of personalised rules that will govern the automation of your recharges

Base rules off factors such as account code, tracking category, and supplier contact
Define how the cost or revenue should be apportioned across the group
Edit Rule.png

Run calculations

Auto-pull through transactions from your accounting system. Your rules will do their thing, all you need to do is review.

Automate calculations, doing in minutes what previously took hours
Review the operation of your rules and make necessary tweaks 

Post your recharges

Once you've run your calculations, you can easily post the recharges that Mayday Recharger creates into your accounting system

Download the recharges as an invoice or journal
Upload the CSV file to your accounting system, review and approve

Want to see it in action?