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Welcome to Mayday Recharger

Mayday Recharger automates intercompany and interdepartmental charges for finance teams

Mayday Recharger is helping finance teams across the globe

Brian Nichol
Brian Nichol
Finance & Strategy at Assure Health
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What a relief to discover Mayday Recharger! Their rules are so easy to set up and the automatic calculations take seconds to process each month.

Megan Plumridge
Megan Plumridge
Senior Manager at MGI +MORE
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We were tearing our hair out at month end when it came to our intercompany recharges. Mayday has really met a need to simplify and automate this task.

Kaitlin Grenside
Kaitlin Grenside
Finance at LondonGreen
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We set up a demo and trial with the team and immediately signed up for the next year. Mayday has saved us a significant amount of time at month-end, where we need it the most.

How does Recharger work?

1: Create your Recharge rules

Create a set of personalised rules that will govern the automation of your recharges

Set your rules

Base rules off factors such as account code, tracking category, and contact

Redirect your costs and revenues

Decide if the relevant costs and revenues should be apportioned or wholly recharged, and to which entity/entities, or department/departments, this applies

2: Run Calculations

Auto-pull through your Xero transactions. Your rules will do their thing, all you need to do is review


Automate calculations, doing in minutes what previously took hours

Adjust calculations if needed

Review the operation of your rules and make any necessary tweaks

3: Post your Recharges

Once you’ve run your calculations, simply one-click post back into Xero

Post recharges

Post as invoice & bill, or journals

Sync to Xero

One-click post into the relevant Xero file(s) simultaneously