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Welcome to Balancer

Balancer is the safety net that ensures your intercompany loan accounts will never again fall out of balance

Balancer is providing peace of mind to finance teams everywhere

Raymond Tang
Senior Management Accountant at LHi Group
    

User interface is very simple to understand and just being able to see what both sides have in terms of postings on ONE screen is great!

Harriet Hope
Financial Controller at Arbolus
    

We've just finished our first month-end using Balancer. We really like it so far, it's quick and simple and we are looking forward to being able to post journals directly in Xero using it!

Valerie Pan
Senior Finance Manager at Immutable
    

When I joined the company, the rest of the finance team were excited to show me Mayday. I can see why. This is such a great solution for the pain points of being multi-entity with Xero. It is really helping us scale seamlessly with Xero as a business.

How does Balancer work?

1: Balancer monitors your intercompany loan accounts


Set your loan account mappings and let Balancer do the work for you

Set your loan account mappings

This lets Balancer know which intercompany loan accounts to compare for discrepancies

Balancer keeps track

Balancer cross-checks your intercompany loan accounts to ensure equal amounts are displayed in all entities

2: You review any discrepancies


Balancer will highlight any discrepancies for you to be able to quickly find the culprit

Locate any discrepancies

View how the discrepancy varies line by line

Rectify posting asymmetry

Easily spot which posting needs to be corrected

3: One-click post any adjustments

Lite & full plans

Simply one-click post any adjustments back to Xero


One-click post your FX adjustment journal


Set the interest rate that should apply to the loan and Balancer will auto-calculate the adjustment for you to one-click post

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