At Mayday, we're dreaming big.

Our mission is to emancipate expert knowledge and human experts themselves. We believe the world of expert knowledge in 20 years’ time looks unrecognisable from today’s professional services industry. We’re inspired to create that future.

Our Story

Co-founded by:

David Tuck: Co-Found & CEO

David Tuck

David started his career at Deloitte, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. He led a succession of startup and SME finance teams.

He spent seven years as the Founder & CEO of Chaser. He built it into the market-leading accounts receivable software for startups and SMEs, winning Xero’s App Partner of the Year in 2016 AccountingWEB Cloud App of the Year three years in a row 2017-19.



James Griffin

Griff is a serial startup technologist and machine learning expert. He graduated top of his class in Computer Science from the University of Warwick. Griff became the CTO of marketing technology startup Idio at the age of just 24, where he and David met.

During his 7 years at Idio, Griff helped drive the business through three funding rounds, international expansion and grew the Software Engineering team to 12 people. After four years as the CTO of HR software Rungway, Griff and David joined forces to Co-Found Mayday together.

Griff: Co-Founder & CTO

Our Team

We’re a small team that love what we do. We have an incredibly ambitious mission and we’re excited to build the most incredible team to achieve it. We’re building an industry-transforming company that will create unrivalled opportunities for personal growth. We love working with talented, passionate people who enjoy stretching themselves. Our philosophy is to set big goals, then provide our team with vast autonomy and unwavering support to achieve them. 

First stop?
Intercompany Recharges.

 We’re starting by addressing the needs of startups and SMEs that expand internationally. Our first area of expert knowledge is transfer pricing, the pricing of intercompany transactions for tax purposes. Our first product,  Mayday Recharger, automates the calculation and processing of intercompany recharges.

Mayday Logo

Why the name Mayday?

Mayday is the international standard call for help. We’re answering that call for startups and SMEs looking for the advice they need on how to expand internationally. More broadly, Mayday originates from the French “m’aidez” - help me.

The first responsibility of a human expert is to help their client. Today’s professional services industry has lost sight of that. Our mission is to restore that focus and build Earth’s most client-centric company.

Join Our Team

We’re always opportunistically recruiting. So even if there’s not a role that looks to be a fit for you, please do drop us an email at You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!

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