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Our Product Vision - The Responses

March 16, 2023

Three months ago we published our product vision. It set out how we plan to mend month end with our single suite to automate accounting adjustments.

The Survey

We included a survey as part of our product vision. We wanted to understand what pains you most at month end, and any additional areas we could and should be helping with. We included a prize draw for survey respondents, as well as a separate prize for the best suggestion regarding the additional month end pains we should be addressing.

Thanks so much to everyone who completed the survey. We’ve been thrilled with the amazing response. It’s clear that there is so much pain at month end, but it's pain we’re excited to alleviate for you.

The survey drew out some great suggestions:

  • People flagging the pain of carrying out balance sheet reconciliations, including with VAT/sales tax;
  • The pain of payroll, bonus and/or annual leave accruals;
  • Fixed assets and depreciation charges.

Our Winners

Congratulations to Beth from Flexys who won the random survey respondent draw. And congratulations to Nathan from Viral Ventures who won the best suggestion; Nathan provided detailed insight about how we could automate interest and royalty withholding tax calculations.

Thanks again to everyone who responded. We’re so excited to be working with you, building product for you and ultimately, mending month end for you.

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