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Gone in 60 seconds (but why did we wait so long?!)

June 9, 2023

SourceBMX were first introduced to Mayday by Jason, their part-time Financial Director, in May 2022. Group Financial Controller, Tanya, and Management Accountant, Lucyna, were wowed by Mayday from the off. Unfortunately, every month something came up to delay them from getting started. Eleven months later, Lucyna signed up as a Mayday user.

Eleven months without Mayday = eleven miserable, manual, multi-entity month ends. 

The hesitation cycle

It can seem like a huge task to introduce new software when you’ve already got a lot on your plate at month end. This understandable hesitance can lead you to postpone signing up by another month, and then push it back another, and another… 

We’ve all been there!

This is a feeling Lucyna expressed to us when she took the step-change to become a Mayday user:

A fresh start

After suffering “so many hours of pain each month”, Lucyna was delighted when she found that Mayday “was unbelievably easy to set up”. She told us “in 60 seconds we had the extension downloaded and our account codes mapped. And that was it. We were ready to start using it”. 

With “so many cross-entity bank transactions as a group”, Lucyna and Nicholas, Accounts Assistant, knew straight away that BRAG (Bank Reconciliation Across the Group) would make their lives so much easier. They quickly became ardent users of Mayday Recharger and Mayday Balancer as well. Across the three products, Lucyna and Nicholas save countless hours of manual pain, a huge return on the 60 seconds investment it took them to get set up.

Don’t hesitate, you can master multi-entity month end with Mayday in just a few clicks. Make this the first month end of the rest of your life.

Let’s get started.

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