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Welcome to BRAG

BRAG (bank reconciliation across the group) enables users to match transactions to invoices and bills posted to other entities from within the Xero bank rec interface.

Want to know more about cross-entity bank rec? Read our guide here

Juan Visser, Meshed Group

Juan Visser, Meshed Group

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“BRAG immediately became an integral part of our techstack. We no longer need to search through our entities for bills that match payments from other entities, which saves a huge amount of time and eliminates the worry that a bill could be paid twice.”

Automate your intercompany charges with
Mayday Recharger

Do in minutes what previously took hours.

How does it work?

Get set up

Install the Mayday Extension to your browser and make sure that your loan account code mappings are set up

The Mayday tab will appear in your Xero bank rec interface once the extension has been installed 
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Reconcile transactions from across your group

Match payments and revenue to bills and invoices as you normally would

Mayday will search across the whole group for bills and invoices that could match the transaction
To reconcile, select the bill or invoice that the transaction applies to
new BRAG tab screenshot.png
The relevant intercompany accounts will be debited and credited

Want to see it in action?

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